"When you meet someone you connect with, you just know the relationship will be powerful.  I was familiar with Reiki, and optimistic I'd benefit from the session; however, I was not aware of just how much it would impact my life.  For over a year, I was dealing with a physical issue.  Talked with many professionals, tried their suggestions....nothing worked.  One, ONE, session with Caroline allowed me to wake up the next day free of the issue - no pain. It was gone.  I was stunned, yet not surprised as Caroline has a beautifully generous healing spirit. I'm so thankful to have had the experience and plan to make it a part of my monthly wellness regimen." -- Lauren, Acushnet

"Reiki helps me clear my mind and gives me a positive outlook my life. After a Reiki session, I feel peaceful, focused, and connected to myself and to the world around me." -- Sara, Lakeville

"My Reiki experience with Caroline introduced me to a new level of relaxation and meditation. Her overview of the treatment helped me feel at ease and know exactly what to expect. I especially enjoyed learning about the different chakras and their meaning. The following day I felt more focused and motivated at work as well as in my interpersonal relationships. I would highly recommend Clarity Wellness to anyone seeking relaxation and rejuvenation." -- Diana, Taunton

Yesterday I had my first Reiki session with Caroline and it literally and spiritually was an outer body experience for me. Caroline is technically advanced in her Reiki practice but more importantly for me is able to connect on a deep and individualized level. My experience with Caroline was positively profound and I left my session with clarity and balance. I look forward to our next session and highly recommend her. -- Jennifer, Westport

"I have had multiple Reiki sessions with Caroline and have enjoyed all of them! After each session I have felt so much better both emotionally and physically. I often notice more energy and a feeling of lightness that last several days. I am now including regular Reiki sessions with Caroline as part of my self-care plan. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking to increase their wellness to try a session with Caroline" -- Stephanie, Barrington, RI

"Caroline Paradis is a skilled practitioner of the art, and passionate about what she does and how it can benefit her clients. I have a bum shoulder (rotator cuff tear) that my doc wants to surgically fix, but I'm doing physical therapy first AND trying Reiki, which strives to find the energy balance in the body we all have." -- Paul, Taunton

"This was my first Reiki session, and I was pleasantly surprised. Caroline was knowledgable and professional, and made me feel totally comfortable. She also explained so much - I left with a much better understanding of Reiki, it's uses, and benefits. I highly recommend Clarity Wellness!" -- Wendy, Stoneham

"My first session of Reiki was life changing and has helped open my eyes to a new world. Caroline is easy to talk to and has been instrumental in helping me grow spiritually and emotionally." -- Jen, Berkley


"Caroline truly has a gift! I had the pleasure of attending quite a few sessions of meditation with her through the NB Fitness Challenge. Each session was unique in introducing the group to many different ways to mediate. After each session, I learned something new about myself. Caroline's approach is nonjudgmental, calming, and accommodating. If you are considering meditation, but feel a little intimidated, then I highly recommend you give Clarity Wellness a try!" -- Paula, South Dartmouth

"I had been interested in meditation as a way to relax and with upcoming surgery, I had hope it would make the stressful event more tolerable. With the magic of Caroline, I can truthfully say I am calmer on a daily basis, feel physically better and sleep better than I ever have. She guides you through a calming, healthy meditation with a soothing voice that leaves one feeling way better than expected and that great feeling last a long time. The techniques she suggests work well at home and I look forward to joining her again soon. I recommend Caroline and Meditation to everyone. I practice this daily since meeting her and believe I will for always. Thank you Caroline!!!" -- Patty, North Dartmouth

"If you want to feel accepted, appreciated and engage in a completely nonjudgmental way, Clarity Wellness, featuring mind expanding mastery by Caroline Paradis, is a must!" -- Kelly, Fall River

"I very much enjoyed the guided meditation sessions given by Caroline Paradis during the NB Fitness Challenge. Caroline was very organized and knowledgeable in leading these meditation sessions. She also made everyone feel comfortable and welcomed at each session. I would very much recommend her meditation sessions to anyone interested in learning meditation techniques." -- Bill, Dartmouth

"Better than a two-martini lunch! Caroline's gentle guidance resets the day and reminds me to make meditation a regular practice." -- Steve, Dartmouth