My Story:

Two years ago, I had all of the ingredients for a happy life: A great job as the president of a local nonprofit, a wonderful husband and supportive family, and meaningful engagement in a community that I care about. But on the inside, I was drowning. I constantly felt a sense of stress and heaviness, whether I was at work or not; I was tired all the time and got sick a lot; and when something in my day went wrong, I was overcome with anxiety and often went into panic mode, at least internally. My happiness tended to hinge on how smoothly things went that day, which left me feeling like a plastic bag blowing in the wind, subject to the twists and turns of daily life. 

Meditation and Reiki saved me. In January 2016, I began a regular meditation practice and, over time, started to experience a newfound sense of calm, groundedness and clarity. I felt lighter, happier, and better able to handle whatever was thrown my way. Shortly thereafter, I took my first Reiki certification course, which further expanded my understanding of the deep, impenetrable connection between our mind, body & spirit.

In September 2016, I made the decision to leave my nonprofit career and launch Clarity Wellness, with the goal of helping others harness their own thoughts and energy to find happiness, health and peace. I absolutely love what I do, and I look forward to helping you find the joy and balance you've been seeking!

Professional Bio:

Caroline Paradis, founder and owner of Clarity Wellness, is a certified guided meditation facilitator and Reiki Master. She received her Reiki Level I and II certifications from Judy Rego, Master Teacher; her Advanced Reiki Level III from Tenth Gate Yoga in Portsmouth, RI; and her Master certification from Libby Barnett, MSW. Caroline was certified in meditation facilitation at the Concordia Center for Spiritual Living in Cranston, RI. She is a graduate of the EforAll Accelerator and Leadership Southcoast programs, a recipient of the 2015 Southcoast Young Leaders Award, and a Junior Achievement Karl Flemke Pioneer Achievement Award finalist.

Caroline is also a nonprofit consultant, a voiceover and theatre actor, and a board member for two Southcoast nonprofit organizations. She lives in Fairhaven, MA with her husband, Eric.